Sunday, November 15, 2015

47 - 51

  1. Ray LaMontagne for Sundays
  2. Starting to sneak up Christmas decorations
  3. Crock pot spaghetti sauce
  4. Gnocchi
  5. Rearranging furniture
  6. Batch with Bagels
  7. Being told I was helpful, even if it may have been a lie
  8. People really want me to be their boss
  9. Hearing about the interview finally
  10. Learning my project isn't due for a while still
  11. Family photos are in the house
  12. Text messaging to catch up with people
  13. Christmas playlist together already
  14. Harry's dance moves
  15. Afternoon naps
  16. Disney payment options
  17. Making a plan to sell the table and get a new one
  18. Ninja boys
  19. Walks downtown
  20. Boys who eat salads
  21. Boy giggles
  22. Being able to get Big something he'll be over the moon for
  23. Star Wars bandaids
  24. Sleep cup
  25. Selfies

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