Wednesday, December 9, 2015


  1. The photo of Harry on the firetruck.
  2. My paper was accepted.
  3. One final exam done.
  4. My brightly colored tights.
  5. Feeling prepared for a presentation.
  6. Crossing things off my to do list.
  7. Ikea plans in January.
  8. The shoe organizer holding up and being perfect.
  9. Tarquin teaching me science.
  10. Finding a Youtube channel topic that's not Minecraft.
  11. Support coming in from unexpected sources.
  12. Finding velcro shoes that fit Harry.
  13. Tarquin was able to grab Gilly when he got out.
  14. Lunch delivery.
  15. My snarkiness.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

59 - 72

  1. Snapchat filters.
  2. Being a pet friend.
  3. Being ahead on next year's To Do's.
  4. Justin Beiber's new album.
  5. Admitting that I like his new album.
  6. Kaitlyn.
  7. Sweet potatoes.
  8. Fun decorated baggies.
  9. Learning from Shannon.
  10. Supportive friend hugs.
  11. Seeing others making it.
  12. My butt didn't get stuck at Wild Lights.
  13. Wild Lights wasn't as terrible as I feared.
  14. Getting mom something awesome.
  15. Being able to toss things freely.
  16. I survived two Thanksgivings.
  17. Having at least one professor who gives a shit.
  18. A second chance on a paper.
  19. Not messing up my presentation.
  20. Laughing when I embarrassed myself.
  21. Being called Sunshine.
  22. No one showed up last night besides Lindsay.
  23. Some decorations are going up on other people's houses.
  24. Having most of the gifts wrapped already.
  25. I found places for most of the holiday decorations inside.
  26. The tree at the Detroit office.
  27. Slap happiness.
  28. The weird ornaments the kids pick.
  29. Harrison singing Elle King.
  30. Crossing off more projects at work.
  31. My fridge isn't empty.
  32. Knowing that the sanest ones are also fed up is somewhat comforting.
  33. Secret Santa is ordered.
  34. He can get his own damn car.
  35. Speaking up clearly.
  36. Being able to laugh at myself multiple times recently.
  37. Knowing I'm not the only one who has a hard time adulting.
  38. Moscato d'Asti
  39. My ridiculous belief that even years are the best and one coming up.
  40. My kid talking to me about how appalled he is by segregation.
  41. Someone else saying he's a dick in a professional way.
  42. Chicago plans next weekend.
  43. Making Bobby uncomfortable.
  44. Only one more week of fall term.
  45. Obnoxious pj sets.
  46. Having people listen to me about experience gifts for once.
  47. When Tarquin told me about yolo.
  48. Harrison being terrified of snakes in the toilet.
  49. Andy was able to fix the upstairs toilet.
  50. Tarquin singing us his winter concert song.
  51. Big & me time.
  52. He said "sad face" out loud.
  53. Two more people checked off the Christmas list.
  54. Leslie Knope wood pencils
  55. I get to buy new Christmas bags.
  56. Saying no.
  57. They let me return the iPad.
  58. Harry isn't terrible again today.
  59. The boys agreeing on a show.
  60. Cat naps.
  61. Post Its.
  62. Plans with lots of cool people over the next few weeks.
  63. Remembering Lite-Brites.
  64. $3 boxes of cards.
  65. Trader Joe's.
  66. Pop rock chocolate.
  67. Ends continue to meet, even if barely.
  68. When Harry sings with me.
  69. How he looks to me for "moves" and words.
  70. I am finally caught up.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

54 - 58

  1. HAW went pretty darn well.
  2. I did very well at my interview.
  3. More anthropomorphic art.
  4. Christmas decorations out.
  5. Fair Isle.
  6. Being included.
  7. Aveeno.
  8. Noodles.
  9. Big fat snowflakes.
  10. Gilligan trying to catch the snowflakes.
  11. Cartwheel.
  12. My pewabic tiles.
  13. Mustard yellow.
  14. The army coat resurgence.
  16. Tarquin's awesome report card.
  17. Receiving an awesome report at parent teacher conferences.
  18. Even from the gym teacher.
  19. The boys tasting wine for the first time was hilarious.
  20. All five of the beers at the tasting were delicious.
  21. The old Target barista still remembers me.
  22. 90's fashion.
  23. Not being Lindsay's supervisor anymore.
  24. Finding a good present for Andy from Tarquin.
  25. Romcoms.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

52 & 53

  1. I finished the paper, even if half-assedly.
  2. Breakfast went better than expected.
  3. Harrison's clinginess is sort of cute.
  4. The hamburger I had for lunch.
  5. Finding all of the people "hanging out of the ceilings" everywhere I go.
  6. Being invited out to the after party Friday.
  7. Business fish.
  8. Corned beef pierogis.
  9. Raising enough funds to cover the week.
  10. My red laptop bag. I don't use it enough and it's awesome.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

47 - 51

  1. Ray LaMontagne for Sundays
  2. Starting to sneak up Christmas decorations
  3. Crock pot spaghetti sauce
  4. Gnocchi
  5. Rearranging furniture
  6. Batch with Bagels
  7. Being told I was helpful, even if it may have been a lie
  8. People really want me to be their boss
  9. Hearing about the interview finally
  10. Learning my project isn't due for a while still
  11. Family photos are in the house
  12. Text messaging to catch up with people
  13. Christmas playlist together already
  14. Harry's dance moves
  15. Afternoon naps
  16. Disney payment options
  17. Making a plan to sell the table and get a new one
  18. Ninja boys
  19. Walks downtown
  20. Boys who eat salads
  21. Boy giggles
  22. Being able to get Big something he'll be over the moon for
  23. Star Wars bandaids
  24. Sleep cup
  25. Selfies

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


  1. Earbuds.
  2. Pretzel crisps.
  3. Weekend trip plans.
  4. Crackho time.
  5. While my schedule is crazy, my planner is clean.

Monday, November 9, 2015


  1. I'm at Biggby. Working.
  2. My frozen teddy bear is the bomb.
  3. Empowerment pathway jokes.
  4. Lady date w/ Kerry tonight.
  5. I got my red pants on!