Wednesday, November 4, 2015

31 - 40

Even with an alarm, I'm bad at this...

  1. No children were in mortal peril.
  2. Not having a terrible partner (so far) for my project.
  3. Laughing over Puddles being in my house.
  4. Harrison was able to go trick or treating.
  5. Seeing Aunt Noreen again.
  6. Meeting baby Josie.
  7. The size of Charlie's head.
  8. Introducing another person to Imperial tacos.
  9. Imperial tacos.
  10. Being able to have a flexible schedule when a kid is ill.
  11. I was able to be absolutely pleasant in a uwsem meeting.
  12. Taylor Swift makes greeting cards.
  13. Getting all of my child support in one fell swoop.
  14. Red cups are out at Starbucks.
  15. My new planner.
  16. Pretzel bagels.
  17. Westin having an interview that could mean she stays.
  18. Spending the morning with Doug.
  19. A decent review.
  20. Being wanted enough to lie to me.
  21. You got this memes
  22. We <3 Colors tights.
  23. New cute mary jane heels!
  24. Westin's after interview dance.
  25. Being reminded that my paper is due in two weeks.
  26. Juliano's goofiness and the eyeball stuck in my pens.
  27. My Crowdrise stickers.
  28. My HAES stickers and reminders.
  29. Bokeh.
  30. I haven't cried since Monday.
  31. 110 out of 120 on my midterm in Community/DSM
  32. When the words just flow.
  33. Notebooks with bands to hold them shut.
  34. Class got out early last night!
  35. I barely took my mother's comments and held them inside on Halloween.
  36. Tarquin & my dad had a good time together yesterday.
  37. Parks and Recreation, so many times over.
  38. Embracing my terrible taste in music.
  39. Having a big chunk of our 2016 list done.
  40. Being comfortable with my body making others uncomfortable.
  41. Every time I mess something up, I become a teensy bit better at html.
  42. Tarquin's increasing interest in new foods, even if it means I have to share.
  43. 80's hair bands.
  44. Wunderlist actually being effective.
  45. My baby cravings have mostly subsided.

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