Monday, October 12, 2015


I even set an alarm, but that doesn't even help. lol

  1. Coming home to my house decorated
  2. Photos are taken and no one was maimed
  3. Tarquin came around to a non-ninja costume
  4. Figuring out what I want to be and knowing it's achievable
  5. Andy has Saturday off
  6. Bursts of self-confidence
  7. Shawarma
  8. Coworkers who get it
  9. Receiving a great compliment from a non-expected source
  10. Fitting in an Erma's trip
  11. Feeling sort of on top of things
  12. The unseasonable warmness
  13. New cute shoes 
  14. CTRL+F
  15. My Torrid blazer

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